Almeria España Administration
Como Técnico de Mantenimiento, junto al Coordinador de Mantenimiento y el Asistente de Mantenimiento, seréisresponsables de garantizar el buen funcionamiento y disponibilidad de los equipos y sistemas de nuestras instalaciones ubicadas en La...


Almeria España Commercial
How does your job as Crop Coordinator at Rijk Zwaan look like?As Crop Coordinator you bring together all market and product information. You are the linking pin between the international and local Pepper & Eggplant market, our breeding programme...
Ejido, El España Commercial
How does your job as Trial coordinator at Rijk Zwaan look like?As Trial coordinator you fulfill an essential role in developing pre-commercial trials network in consultation with breeders and RZ’s commercial partners. The Trial Coordinator is in...

Human Resources

A lo largo del año tenemos distintos proyectos de prácticas en los departamentos de I+D, Comercial y Administración. Analizamos cada proyecto para que las prácticas engloben un proceso de aprendizaje en el que puedas ir adquiriendo autonomía en...

Research and development

Almeria España Research and development
What is it like to be Selector Cucumber at Rijk Zwaan? The cucumber breeding department of Rijk Zwaan develops cucumber varieties for many different market segments worldwide. As a Cucumber Selector, based in Spain, you will be part of our...
Cartagena España Research and development
Rijk Zwaan’s activities in Murcia Station are increasing. The assistant is involved in practical crop activities such irrigation, fertilizer, treatments, transplants, trials arrangements, harvesting...and personnel management. You work in close...
Almería España Research and development
Do you have a passion for data and information? Would you like to be part of a team that enthusiastically and successfully develops innovative products? If so, apply for those two full-time vacancies for Selecion Coordinator at our offices in El...
Cartagena España Research and development
- Siembra, trasplante, mantenimiento de cultivos (lechuga, brassicas, sandía y calabacín)- Polinización, extracción y limpieza de semillas.
Ejido, El España Research and development
The vacancy for a Assistant station Manager at Rijk Zwaan Assistant station Manager is responsible for the cultivation and maintenance of crops and facilities. This implicates to lead the day to day activities of the station and rental locations:...
Almería España Research and development
- Siembra, destalle, poda, limpieza de invernadero y demás labores culturales.- Polinización, extracción y limpieza de semillas.

Speculative Application


I started working for Rijk Zwaan in 2002 and I still remember the moment that our station was visited by Ben Tax, one ot the three board members. He explained to us why it is important for the RZ group to keep on growing, and how everyone colleague plays an important role. That was the moment that we all realised: this is our company.   José Antonio González, Station Manager

I feel very priviliged to work for a vegetable breeding company like Rijk Zwaan. I respect the company´s mision: to contribute to the world food supply and to estimulate vegetable consumption. I love the fact that so much of our work is done outside, in the field. In my first few years at the company, as a breeder broccoli, I really enjoyed spending time surrounded by so much open space and feeling at one with the elements. Carlos Gil-Albert, Breeding Manager