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Strategy Consultant wanted to join our team to solve ocean plastic in Indonesia

SYSTEMIQ, along with our partners, has built a bold, outcomes driven program that measurably reduces ocean plastic pollution where it matters most. However, we know that we are still not doing enough, or moving quickly enough, to tackle this emergency - plastic pollution continues to far outpace current solutions to stop it. 

This year, we will take bold, thoughtful action to address the system constraints that make setting up and operating waste systems so challenging in medium, small and remote Indonesian cities with the goal of reforming waste collection and putting Indonesia on an achievable path to zero plastic leakage. We are looking for smart, ambitious, innovative leaders to join us in this ambitious work.

  • If you have a passion for the ocean and putting your time and skill set to the highest good...
  • If you see the destruction of precious ecosystems and no longer want to sit on the side-lines...
  • If you have an analytical background and are motivated by solving complex problems and systems work...
  • If you yearn to work with fellow passionate, smart leaders committed to building a better future in Indonesia and South East Asia...
  • If you've been yearning to do something with real impact, where your actions produce direct, measurable results in people's lives and for nature...

     ...than this job may be for you. 

The challenge to solve (i.e., how bad is it?)

Today, only 39% of Indonesia's waste, in a country of 264 million people, is collected. The rest (close to 40 million tons) is either burnt releasing dioxins, heavy metals, carbon monoxide and other toxins, or dumped into the environment where it contaminates soil, ground water, rivers and eventually the ocean. 90% of this mismanaged waste arises from small, medium and remote cities in Indonesia. We believe this is due to Indonesia’s unique policy and regulatory environment, lower-than-average waste funding levels and the decentralisation of waste collection responsibility to the community in small and medium sized towns, where waste collection levels are lowest.


Our activities are focused on Indonesia, identified as the second largest source country for ocean plastics, where there is growing momentum to solve this issue.  Globally, up to 60% of ocean plastic leakage comes from South East Asia. In a business-as-usual scenario, there could be up to 250 million tons of plastic in the ocean by 2025 and up to 25 additional million tons every year.  

"The secret to change is to focus all of our energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new." Socrates



With offices in London, Munich, Jakarta and Bali, SYSTEMIQ is an organisation driving system change in clean energy, circular material solutions and sustainable land use. By addressing failures in these areas, SYSTEMIQ aims to unlock economic opportunities that benefit business, society and the environment.


We connect the right people, ideas, technologies, and capital to transform economic systems. We do this through five activities:

  1. Convene and support coalitions of leaders to shape policies and business strategies that will rapidly transform economic activity.
  2. Work with companies that want to be pioneers in and drivers of change towards more sustainable systems.
  3. Co-create and incubate the market solutions most likely to build regenerative economic systems.
  4. Invest our own venture capital and expertise in opportunities with the biggest potential to drive rapid system change.
  5. Direct larger pools of capital into regenerative economic systems, so that these scale and multiply.


In order to deliver in these areas, we recruit and develop distinctive and varied individuals who strive to achieve our mission, challenge the status quo and act as change leaders.


We are seeking Strategy Consultants. With advanced problem-solving, analytical and relationship skills, you will be experienced working on consulting projects to deliver breakthrough insights, action and results. Ideally your background includes working at a leading management consultancy or in a strategy role in industry, public sector or civil society. You are keen to work in a small yet fast growing company where you can play a shaping role and make an impact.  This highly strategic work involves some of the most prominent institutions in the field, has a very international character and aims at significant impact over the next 1-2 years. Work will be based out of Bali, with local travel to cities in need of support. 


Unlike traditional consulting projects, this work is longer term (e.g., in our city-partnership work, we support cities set-up and operate sustainable waste systems over 2-3 years) and mission driven rather than client driven (i.e., we have a detailed vision for system change and find funding partners who share this vision). Strategy Consultants must be comfortable travelling two weeks a month from Bali or living on the frontlines in a city struggling with plastic pollution, where housing is provided. This is a senior role that will work closely with our Partners, Funders and our Chief of Operations and participate in our ocean plastic strategic planning and leadership group. All necessary work permits (KITAS visa) will be provided for expat candidates. 


SYSTEMIQ is looking for individuals with a strong record of excellence and achievement. You have proven that in different contexts and are keen to work in a young, entrepreneurial company where you can get involved in a variety of work, shape the business and make maximum impact. You are passionate about SYSTEMIQ's mission and approach to system change. Your background includes working within teams at a top management consultancy, ideally coupled with experience in industry, the public sector or civil society. Specifically, you have:

  • 3 or more years advisory / consulting project experience in a high calibre and international environment. 
  • Problem-solving and analytical skills.
  • Relationship management skills on a senior level.
  • Collaborative team player.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit with the ability to identify opportunities and new initiatives and make them into reality.
  • Comfortable with two weeks of local travel per month and occasional international travel.
  • Masters or equivalent degree. Chemistry / Engineering and other sciences are especially welcome.
  • Evidenced passion for the sustainability / environment / social enterprise space.

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Application deadline: January 24, 2020


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